Scope of Work

scopeNOX Engineering Private Limited provides an environment where critical engineering tasks are completed in a stipulated time, thus improving the customer overall return on investment. In addition to our engineering services, quality and program plans are tailored according to the customer requirements.

Our services align strategy, people and technology with best practice business processes to deliver measurable outcomes and benefits.


NOX Engineering benefits:

Cost-Effectiveness Meeting the major challenges of commercial industry, NOX Engineering has the technical capabilities to complete critical engineering and manufacturing tasks for any organisation in timely and cost effective manner. Also use of best manufacturing techniques including continuous optimisation of manufacturing process offer our clients a timely delivery of their components with 100% quality.

Prompt delivery with assured quality Use of secured data lines, Internet based technologies and latest collaborative engineering tool offer our clients a timely delivery of their project. Best practices ensure good quality of work.

Productivity gain gain Engineering and Manufacturing services offered by NOX Engineering comprise of functions that are typically included in company customer support. Completion of projects in a stipulated time and delivering quality components on time offer productivity gain to our clients.

Systematic Orientation

NOX Engineering Private Limited works in a systematic approach to benefit the firm, the client and the employees.