Manufacturing Capability

NOX Engineering pvt ltd continually invests in the latest CNC machining technology to ensure our machining capabilities are suitable for all types of precision engineering requirements.

The information below details our overall in-house machining capabilities.

If you have a requirement that falls outside of our current capabilities please talk to us – we have a network of approved subcontractors that we regularly work with for specialist projects that are beyond the scope of our machines.

CNC TURNING Max Diameter: 330mm Max Length: 522mm

CNC MILLING Machining Area: 600mm x 450mm x 500mm (XYZ Stroke) Max Weight: 500kg

Manual Lathe 2 No’s 1) Length : 10 feet, Chuck Bore size : 106 mm diameter
2) Length : 4 feet, Bore size : 80 mm diameter

Tapping Machine Max capacity M24

Hardness Testing Machine RAB 250

NDT Machine Square Mag manufacturer

Faro Gage 1 metre arm

Product Marking

We understand that product marking often a mandatory specification requirement and must comply with drawing and quality requirements. Whether a simple batch code or serial number, or full company and product branding, we carry out all product marking with a consistent high quality finish, and to specification.

If you are unsure of the best product marking method for your application, or require some assistance designing a suitable label artwork, our design and engineering team will advise on the best methods and have the capability to design the marking for you if required.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

NOX Engineering pvt ltd’s range of top-specification CNC mills and lathes feature the latest computer aided manufacture (CAM) software in order to efficiently produce complex components to the tightest of tolerances. Clients are able to email, send or transmit CAD data and models to us for direct input to the CAD/CAM software.

This vastly reduces the amount of time required to program data into the machine, reducing overall cost with no expense to quality or accuracy of the components produced.

We can work with most common CAD file types and will advise the best method to export data from your system, if required.

Manual Milling & Turning

In addition to our comprehensive suite of CNC mills and lathes, NOX Engineering has a small range of manual mills and lathes, which are operated by our team of highly experienced engineers. We are able to produce new or modified components extremely quickly, which is often essential for the rapid development and test of new components.

Our in-house design team often utilise manual milling and turning to manufacture prototype parts during the
development of new products for external clients. This allows rapid product development in much quicker time frames than could be achieved with separate design and manufacturing locations.

CNC Turning

We continually invest in and expand our CNC turning capabilities. From small diameter components through to large billet work, there are few CNC turning requirements that we are unable to respond to. Our team is experienced working with all types of material, including aerospace grade alloys, stainless-steel, titanium, aluminium, composites, plastic and exotic materials. All of our CNC lathes feature the latest CAD/CAM software for input of your CAD data and models directly to the machine, ensuring accurate programming, quick setup times and perfect model reproduction. In addition, we are one of the few precision engineering companies to offer clients a comprehensive 3D design service, to assist with new product development, prototyping, jigs and fixtures and design for manufacture.

CNC Milling

NOX Engineering Pvt Ltd offers industry-leading CNC Milling services, producing high quality components for use in demanding applications including Aerospace, Defence and Motorsport.

All of our CNC milling machines feature the latest CAD/CAM programming software, allowing us to input your CAD data and models directly into the machine for accurate programming, quick setting times and perfect reproduction. Our in-house design team can also assist during the design, development and prototyping phase if required.


We have the capability to tap the components as per your requirements. We have experienced staff in producing threads as per the following standards :

  • ISO 68-1:1998
  • ISO 68-2:1998
  • ISO 261:1998
  • ISO 724 :1993
  • ISO 725:2009
  • ASME B1.2M-1997 (R2013)
  • ASME B1.13M-2005
  • ASME B1.1-2003 (R2008)

Further, we can cater thread classes as per your requirement as well.