Values & Ethics

NOX Engineering Pvt limited works on values and corporate world ethics which are shared by all our employees. All the business activities are conducted in accordance to professional requirement, high levels of honesty and integrity.



NOX Engineering Pvt Ltd has values which base its identity and builds its image where all its Customers and stake holders are concerned.

  • Top most priority to our customers
  • Innovation and best engineering practices
  • Responsiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Individual development
  • Corporate citizenship


NOX Engineering has ethical guidelines setting forth the principles and conducts for the company as a whole, and is used as a basis for employee conduct under all circumstances.

Behaviour outside the group NOX Engineering encourages its employees to work in accordance to law in all the places where our firm operates and at all times its personnel must uphold the law. Employees are trained to understand and work within the parameters of local law even it is different to what they were used to. Company supports its employees in doubt. Integrity, honesty and transparency must guide each of the company’s employees in their work. All personnel must take particular care to uphold laws on competition, export and re-export control, labour and employment, health safety and environmental protection.