Design Engineering Services

Design Engineering Services at NOX Engineering Pvt Ltd aspire to meet industry needs and challenges with precision engineering and program management skills.

From detail design of automotive, train, mechanical and aerospace components to large airframe and structures, NOX Engineering has the expertise in all the aspects of product engineering to meet the end customer requirements.
NOX Engineering maintains most compatible and experienced engineering staff with expertise in both commercial and aerospace programs, improving project implementation time while reducing costs. Added capabilities such as distance engineering with data transmission between the client and NOX engineering using secured data lines and internet technologies improves communication between the engineer and the user.

With the ability to understand customer needs NOX Engineering offers an environment that meets end user requirements.

  • Product Design Solutions
  • Drafting as per International standards such as BSI
  • CAD model creation and validation
  • Stress and Strain Analysis using latest FEA techniques
  • Weight vs Cost studies
  • Fatigue and Endurance Analysis
  • CAD data conversion
  • Software tool migration services
  • Analysis of product
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Technical Publications
  • Development Testing
  • Qualification Testing as per International standards
  • Jigs and Fixture Design
  • Test rigs/ Test cells